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the leap!
a himalayan aspiration
indian subcontinent SAIJIKI

editors: Lakshmi Iyer, Milan Rajkumar,

Kala Ramesh,  Surashree Ulhas Joshi, Suresh Babu,

Sushama Kapur, Tapan Mazumdar & Teji Sethi 


description of categories

season: prakruti: time of the day and season, passing of season, memories of the old season, expectation - apprehension of the coming season


heavens: akaash: aerial - spatial elements (light, air, wind), thunder, frost, seasonal drizzles, clouds, sun, moon, stars


earth: prithvi: terrestrial elements (soil, earth, water), landscapes, sea, river, lake, pond, mountain, hill, fields, meadows, ice, snow, landslides. avalanche


humanity: purusha: seasonal crops and related agricultural activities, seasonal man-made objects (sweets, playthings, decor, maritime activities, seasonal moods)


observances: parv: festivals, memorable occurrences (independence day etc.), rituals, celebrations, prohibitions


animals: pashu: seasonal fauna, seasonal behaviour of the non-human species (departing geese, e.g.), condition of fauna (young trouts)


plants: paudhe: seasonal flora, moods induced by seasonal fauna, blossoms, fruits, ornamental blooms, indoor plant decor

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