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the place to step

deeper into the flowing river

of haikai and tanka

unfolding the story within

the monthly journal from
Triveni Haikai India!

founder and managing editor:
Kala Ramesh

associate editors:
Ashish Narain
Firdaus Parvez
Madhuri Pillai
K. Ramesh
Shalini Pattabiraman
Shobhana Kumar

haikuKATHA is the official monthly publication brought out by Triveni Haikai India. Its primary function is to publish the best in contemporary English-language haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, tanka-prose and haiga/shahai. At present we are not looking at linked-verses. 


Each month’s issue will be put together by a team of editors who will select poems from the previous month’s prompts posted on the Triveni Haikai India website. The magazine is copyrighted by Triveni Haikai India.


haikuKATHA goes live on the 22nd of each month. 

Join in on the fun of sharing and see your poems go on to get published in haikuKATHA! 

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hosts: Srinivasa Rao Sambangi & Ravi Kiran

Poets, we are excited to have your profile featured in poetSOUNDTRACK!

Send us a write-up about your journey in the Japanese short-form poetry, not exceeding 150 words, with a high-resolution photograph. Along with these, do not forget to send six of your best poems: haiku, senryu, tanka or a combination of these,  and we will select four and share them with the world. 

coming soon
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hosts: Lakshmi Iyer & Teji Sethi

a place for journal submission, competitions and release dates.


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Old Books

haikai & tanka books

host: Pravat Kumar Padhy


Hosts: Gauri Dixit & Suraja Menon Roychowdhury

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Haikai in conjunction with short movies, bringing to life the aesthetics associated with it is the next logical progression of this art form.

We invite you to submit short films that bring haikai or tanka to life. These could be films that you have created with your haiku or tanka, your artwork, your music, or any combination/collaboration of these with other artists. The film should not exceed more than ten minutes. It should be tightly edited and well presented.

The best will be showcased during the course of the year. Excite us with your creativity! This is a great opportunity to see your poetry come to life in 3-D, keeping the wonderful aesthetics of Japanese poetry in mind.

Please submit your film to the following email address:

Your credits should include the name of the poet, photographer, camera person and music.


Hosts: Kashinath Karmakar, Neena Singh
& Ravi Kiran

In January 2014, Vinay R and Kashinath Karmakar, decided to initiate indianKUKAI and open it out to the world. The KUKAI has been running successfully for the last seven years. Currently, it is held once every three months.

Our next KUKAI opens in October. 


Watch out for the announcement!

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RENKU: collaborative linked verses

Sabaki (lead poet) - Linda Papanicolaou

Welcome to RENKU – Collaborative Linked Verses. 


Renku (linked verses), or haikai no renga (comic linked verse), is a Japanese form of popular collaborative linked verse poetry. At renku gatherings participating poets take turns alternating between long and short verses. The lead poet is called a sabaki.


Whether you already know and love collaborative linked verse, or are wondering what it’s all about, I hope you’ll join in and have fun.

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