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triveni spotlight

hosts: Teji Sethi & Kala Ramesh

triveni spotlight is one of the most popular columns of TRIVENI Haikai India that showcases some of the finest works of published haiku and tanka, from all over the world.


Guest Editors are invited to create a thematic ensemble of poems, which are then featured on the site every alternate day. These poems are later archived in Triveni Spotlight Gallery.

july - guest editor: Scott Mason
august - guest editor: Billie Dee
sep – guest editor: Stanford M. Forrester
oct - host: Teji Sethi
nov - host: Paul Miller
- guest editor: K. Ramesh


jan - guest editor: Michael Dylan Welch
feb - guest editor: Sandi Pray
march - guest editor: John Stevenson
april - guest editor: Ashish Narain
may - guest editor: Bryan Rickert
june - guest editor: Lakshmi Iyer
july - guest editor: Nandita Mahajan
august - guest editor: Arvinder Kaur
sep - guest editors: Shreya Narang & Ustat Sethi
oct - host: Kala Ramesh
nov - host: Teji Sethi
dec - guest editor: Keiko Izawa

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