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hosts: Akila G. & Shreya Narang

HAIKUsutradhar: weekly prompts
… thread your moments into poems!

Sutradhar, a compound word in Samskrit, is derived from two root words: sutra (सूत्र) meaning a string
or thread, and dhar (धार) meaning a wielder. Thus, a sutradhar means a facilitator, a host, a narrator or
a storyteller.

Each guest editor will give prompts every week for the period of one month.

Only unpublished poems posted for the prompts will be considered for haikuKATHA, the monthly journal.

Our hosts: Madhuri Pillai and Vidya Venkatramani have stepped down for personal reasons.
THI wishes them the very best.

guest editors for 2022:
january: Gauri Dixit
feb: Teji Sethi
march: Alice Wanderer
april: Marietta McGregor 
may: Marion Clarke
june: Paresh Tiwari
july: Terri Hale French
august: Yesha Shah
sep: Tapan Mazumdar
oct: Kashiana Singh

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