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Dandelion Leaves


hosts: Kashinath Karmakar, Neena Singh
& Ravi Kiran


In January 2014, Vinay R and Kashinath Karmakar, decided to initiate indianKUKAI and open it out to the world. The KUKAI has been running successfully for the last seven years. Currently, it is held once every three months.


Watch out for the announcements!

submission guidelines

  1. Submission rules:

    • Each individual is allowed to send ONLY ONE entry on the provided prompt/topic.

    • Only haiku in the English language are accepted.

    • Haiga entries are not accepted.

    • Previously published haiku are not accepted. Previously published sources include personal blogs, journals, Facebook, print or websites.

    • Entries with obscene words are not allowed. We wish to keep the indiaKUKAI free of such words.

  2. Formatting rules:

    • Please do not leave an extra gap between the lines of the haiku.

    • If you add an extra gap intentionally, please mention it.

    • Left-aligned haiku is preferred, although not necessary.

  3. Code of conduct:

    • All haiku entries are to remain anonymous until results are published.

    • Any shared information or discussion about your entries in any group or forum will be considered a violation of the code of conduct.

    • If you submit a haiku to the kukai, then voting is mandatory.

    • If you fail to vote during the voting period, then your haiku will be shown without ranking points in the results.

Submit your poem by clicking the button below. The acknowledgement for the submission will be displayed under the 'submission form' after you successfully submit your poem.

submission guidelines

voting guidelines

  1. Only those who have submitted an entry in this edition of indianKUKAI are eligible to vote.

  2. All the entries are serially numbered and made anonymous in the voting ballot. The voting ballot is available under the voting form.

  3. Voting system:

    • You will have 6 points to use in total.

    • You have to award :
      - 3 points to one haiku
      - 2 points to another one
      - 1 point to the last one of your choice.

    • You have to use all 6 points this way. You can't go for the 2+2+2 option of voting.

    • You can vote for three haiku only.

    • The poem with the highest number of total points will be the winner.

  4. Please do not vote for your own entry. Such votes will result in all your votes being rejected.

  5. Once the voting period closes, the results will be published in this blog

Please cast your vote by clicking the button below. The acknowledgement for your vote will be displayed under the 'voting form' after you successfully submit your vote.

voting guidelines
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