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triveni spotlight

hosts: Teji Sethi & Kala Ramesh

triveni spotlight is one of the most popular columns of TRIVENI Haikai India that showcases some of the finest works of published haiku and tanka, from all over the world.


Guest Editors are invited to create a thematic ensemble of poems, which are then featured on the site every alternate day. These poems are later archived in Triveni Spotlight Gallery.

Mic on Stage
monthly prompts blog banner
monthly prompts blog banner


hosts: Akila G. & Shreya Narang

HAIKUsutradhar: weekly prompts
… thread your moments into poems!

Sutradhar, a compound word in Samskrit, is derived from two root words: sutra (सूत्र) meaning a string
or thread, and dhar (धार) meaning a wielder. Thus, a sutradhar means a facilitator, a host, a narrator or
a storyteller.

Each guest editor will give prompts every week for the period of one month.

Only unpublished poems posted for the prompts will be considered for haikuKATHA, the monthly

Our hosts: Madhuri Pillai and Vidya Venkatramani have stepped down for personal reasons.
THI wishes them the very best.


guest editor for december: Vinay Leo R

the leap!
a himalayan aspiration
indian subcontinent SAIJIKI

editors: Lakshmi Iyer, Milan Rajkumar,

Kala Ramesh,  Surashree Ulhas Joshi, Suresh Babu,

Sushama Kapur, Tapan Mazumdar & Teji Sethi 



hosts: Firdaus Parvez & Kala Ramesh

Derived from waka, this 1300 years old five-line lyrical poem from Japan is written in 31 or fewer syllables in English. Usually composed in short, long, short, long, long format, it embraces human experiences in its small space.


Every Wednesday we, Kala and Firdaus, will be introducing you to a tanka (both by masters as well as contemporary tanka poets) and will be delighted to indulge in a poetic discussion and encourage you to compose your own.


hosts: Muskaan Ahuja

Here, Muskaan and I take the baton to bring you variants like thinkALONG, laughALONG, and writeALONG which like flowers, will be your daily invitations to smell the fragrance of life and let it waft into the lives of others through poetry so that it reaches far and wide …


We are sure that they can steer you away from any likely dead-end, nurture your mind and soul and enable you to think, laugh and write about your moments of unexpected insight and wonder!

thinkALONG - Blog Banner.jpg

blow your horn!

hosts: Mira Rehm, Mona Bedi & Shreya Narang

Write to us about your award, your book, articles or interview being published. or even the journals where your poems got published.

But, please do not post your poems here. 

They need to be shared only on SHOWCASE!

open sky : : SAMVAAD

hosts: Sanjuktaa Asopa & Jayashree Maniyil

Welcome to open sky :: SAMVAAD, a space to let your imagination soar and take shape like the billowing clouds above. Join us as we bring you a new verse every Sunday. Let's learn, ask questions, agree or disagree together. All interpretations are welcome. And please be gentle with your comments. All the verses shared here have appeared before in reputed haikai journals, publications and websites.

open sky - Blog Banner.jpg
Showcase - Blog Banner.jpg


hosts: Mira Rehm, Mona Bedi & Shreya Narang

This is the WALL to pin all your published poems,
but only for poems published in the current month, please!

Choose the appropriate journal and share your poem/s with all of us here, before the WALL vanishes into the archives!

Thank you. ​​


hosts: Kala Ramesh

THI is trying to replicate this fun place, where our members are encouraged to post topics and participate in discussions relating to the reading, writing, researching and critiquing of Japanese short-form poetry.


Just write to: and your question will be uploaded.



Hosts: Shalini Pattabiraman & Shobhana Kumar

Shaped by memory, dream, imagination, real events and experience, language helps tell our stories.

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