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hosts: Firdaus Parvez, Kala Ramesh, Shalini Pattabiraman and Vidya Shankar

Shaped by memory, dream, imagination, real events and experience, language helps tell our stories.

Haibun blends prose with haiku and offers a dynamic platform for expression — one that is not limited by theme, content or context; one that simultaneously glides across both mindscape and landscape; one where the writing often unravels more than what the eye witnesses.

This expansive view is possible in a haibun because it embodies the idea of link and shift. Its successful shape rests on how the writers achieve this link and shift from the title to the prose and from the prose to the haiku. 

The haibun (less than 300 words) submitted here will be considered for inclusion in haikuKATHA monthly magazine!

jan: featured poet - Glenn G. Coats
feb: featured poet - Roberta Beary
march: featured poet - Bob Lucky
april: featured poet - Sean O'Connor
may: featured poet - Lew Watts
june: featured poet - Ray Rasmussen
july: featured poet - Kathleen MacQueen
aug: featured poet - Lorraine A Padden
sep: featured poet - Peter Newton
oct: featured poet - Richard Grahn
nov: featured poet - Gavin Austin
dec: featured poet - Andrew Riutta


jan: featured poet - Ludmila Balabanova
feb: featured poet - Dru Philippou
mar: featured poet - Alan peat
april: featured poet - Anna Cates
may: featured poet - Cynthia Anderson
june: featured poet - Tito (Stephen Gill)
july: featured poet - Sonam Chokki 

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