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indian subcontinent SAIJIKI - summer: grishma

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

early summer - April

mid summer - May

late summer - June


seasons: ritu

heat wave, heatstroke



short night

strong, dusty, gusty wind

hot and dry wind

low humidity

high temperature


heavens: akaash

summer moon

evening lull

mid summer darkness


earth: prithvi

shade of a tree

shrinking ponds

cracked earth

dry well

still rivulet



humanity: manushyata

moravla (gooseberry relish)

kokum sherbat

cradle songs

thin clothes

cotton saris

long queue for drinking water

mango pickle

mango papad

mango chutney

chilled buttermilk (low fat, diluted, spicy)

pulling of golden chariot (Tamilnadu)

cleaning wells

repairing houses

flower shows (Yercaud, Sikkim)

visit to beach


observances: utsava

vishu (Kerala) Tamil New Year (Tamilnadu)

baisakhi (Punjab)

gangaur (Jaipur, Rajasthan)

chithirai festival (Madurai meenakshi, Tamilnadu)

moatsu festival (Nagaland)

ooty flower festival

mount abu summer festival (Nakki lake)

Yercaud festival

Sikkim festival


animals & birds: pashu & pakshi

lizard spiders


plants: paudhe


mint leaves


bottle gourd

snake gourd

ash gourd

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