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indian subcontinent SAIJIKI - spring: basant

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

early spring: February

mid spring: March

late spring: April


seasons: prakruti

spring breeze

spring wind

spring scent


heavens: akaash

spring clouds

spring sky

spring dawn

spring noon

spring evening

spring rain

lingering day

hazy moon


earth: prithvi

spring bud

spring bath

spring sprouts

spring sprigs

snowy clouds

blue lake


humanity: purusha tilling farms

sweet dumplings (gujia)


observances: parv

spring festival (Basant Panchami)

festival of colours (Holi)

spring harvest festival


animals & birds: pashu & pakshi

cooing koel

hopping birds

whistling thrush


plants: paudhe

flame of the forest - palaash





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