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open sky :: SAMVAAD |16th June

hosts : Sanjuktaa Asopa & Aparna Pathak

his wife's hormones raging urban floodwaters

-- Alvin Cruz

(Haiku Dialogue,May 1, 2024)

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Over to the poet now.

"Here's a little backstory behind the inspiration in writing the monoku.

I wrote this haiku at the time when my friend had told me she’s been having some kind of hormonal imbalance due to menopause. Coincidentally, it was about the same time I watched the news about the unusual flood in Dubai. So, when I read that Haiku Dialogue’s next theme was flood, I began to think of these two completely unrelated events and imagined a connection between them. By thinking of a pivotal word that would seamlessly link them, I came up with a monoku, and eventually the word “raging” hit me like a bolt of lightning. It was a very rewarding process."


Powerful, great imagery and depth.

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