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open sky :: SAMVAAD | 14th January

hosts : Sanjuktaa Asopa & Aparna Pathak

lonely tonight i drink all the moonbeams

- Pamela A Babusci

( Frogpond 18.1, Spring 1995)

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Though I have read most of her poems, this one by Pamela was new to me too. Thanks to Aparna for unearthing this beautiful monoku. Here's what Pamela has to say about it.

In 1995 i had just started writing haiku and getting published.

back then i wrote a lot of one-line haiku which is now called mono-ku.

to me the haiku illustrates how lonely a person can get in life. they go

outside into the ink-dark night time to be healed by the moonlight, to be bathed in

its warm restorative rays. yet their loneliness is so deep, so painful

they need to drink the moonbeams to be totally renewed and made

whole again.

Replying to

Poignant monoku and pamela's explanation is spot on.

Thanks, Aparna. Yes, Sanjuktaa, I haven't read this ku too.


I don't remember reading this one of Pamela's, so thank you for sharing this. So powerful and beautiful in a few words.


Beautiful 🌹


A beautiful poem and I am wondering how the metaphor is couched in the literal.

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