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writeALONG! 9 April


hosts: Muskaan Ahuja, K.Ramesh

guest editor: Iqra Raza

Please note: 

Only the unpublished poems (that are never published on any social media platform/journals/anthologies) posted here for each prompt will be considered for Triveni Haikai India's monthly journal -- haikuKATHA, each month.

Poets are requested to post poems (haiku/senryu) that adhere to the prompts/exercises given.

Only 1 poem to be posted in 24 hours. Total 2 poems per poet are allowed each week (numbered 1,2). So, revise your poems till 'words obey your call'.

If a poet wants feedback, then the poet must mention 'feedback welcome' below each poem that is being posted.

Responses are usually a mixture of grain and chaff. The poet has to be discerning about what to take for the final version of the poem or the unedited version will be picked up for the journal.

The final version should be on top of the original version for selection.

Poetry is a serious business. Give you best attempt to feature in haikuKATHA !!


dusting the books

he planned to read this summer

his widow

--- Bill Kenny

This brilliantly poignant ku changes tone and hence meaning by L3. What begins as an assumption of procrastination and distractedness with “dusting the books/he planned to read this summer” is shattered in the last line when the readers realise that it is about the transience of life. It’s not a man dusting books he couldn’t catch up on (perhaps because life got in the way, haven’t we all been there?) but his widow taking care of the man’s material possessions because that is her way of accessing him after he is gone with unrealized plans.

Haiku Prompt: Write a haiku that completely transforms the readers’ understanding of it in the last line.


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#2 4-14-24

Vivaldi's Spring

wafts out through open-windows

along with winter

Jennifer Gurney, US



mother’s legacy

in her elegant cursive

a list of ailments

(5-7-5 format purely serendipitous )

Susan Yavaniski


Feedback welcome

Reageren op



#2 winter sunset the growing shadow of the X-ray

Keith Evetts UK

comments always welcome

Reageren op

Thanks for the questions, Lev.

I wouldn't see it as hyperbole. I would see it as depicting a progression. If you think in terms of the radiographer's X-ray, there's another layer. Hence the shadow 'of' the X-ray. You can also see it in the slanting sunbeams...


Post 1 correction thanks to Lev

tea in the garden

with visiting friends

white butterflies

Adelaide B. Shaw


comments welcomed

13 apr.
Reageren op

Without the em-dash, the verse would be more ambiguous. Perhaps the butterflies are joining you and your friends, or perhaps the butterflies are the friends who are joining you.



the tree bursting with mangoes her third miscarriage

Dipankar Dasgupta India (Feedback welcome. I think "tree" is nature in this poem and "mangoes" refer to the approaching summer in India.)

Reageren op

Much honoured, since the comment comes from a woman. You know about this far better than me.

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