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writeALONG! 6 December


host: Muskaan Ahuja

guest editor: Richa Sharma

Hello readers,

I will be with you here along with Muskaan in December to share, learn, discuss, and,

most of all, enjoy poems and experiences.

Your Favourite Dress

There is majestic diversity in clothing within and across cultures in the world. Different attires identify each country. We don't just wear for functional and social reasons, but what, how, and why we select a dress carries specific meanings and emotions.

his prayers for pay

pay off...

a new summer kimono

--- Issa

In reading the autobiographical material of Japan's most famous, post-classical woman tanka poet, Yosano Akiko (1878 – 1942), many personal experiences highlight subtle themes related to wearing good clothes and makeup. I quote:

“On New Year's, Yosano chose to wear everyday clothes instead of festive ones for reasons of

cleanliness. Washing a festive kimono, seldom worn, involved taking the garment apart and sewing it together again, so it was only rarely done. Later, Yosano wore bright colours and outfits that would remain in people’s minds for years after their meeting.”

Here is a beautiful tanka from her collection Tangled Hair, translated by Sanford Goldstein and Seishi Shinoda.

After my bath

At the hot spring,

These clothes

As rough to my skin

As the world!

Please share your lovely short-form poetry, up to 5 lines, about any aspect of clothing or accessory that uniquely defines you and your aspirations.


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