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writeALONG! 25th April


hosts: Muskaan Ahuja, Lakshmi Iyer

guest editor: Ajaya Mahala

My Haiku Style

Hello guys! Movement is essence of life.

Kidnappers and bank robbers are interesting classes of people for whom accurate movement is extremely crucial. They may not be knowing the approach road to the target but they know very well the escape routes beforehand. An eloper has traits of both!

night of elopement

the escort moon avoids the highways

--- Ajaya Mahala

Distance trees slow walk in the far meadows when seen from a running train; rain-bearing clouds penetrate far deep into the continent at the onset of monsoon. Here is an attempt to disrobe something!

side waves

a power boat unzips a lagoon

--- Ajaya Mahala

Does the Time also move ? How the day changes to night?

mosquito wings. . .

the colour of evening so thin

--- Ajaya Mahala

Please paint these hours of transition with your own words of movement and share here.


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