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writeALONG! 14 June


host: Muskaan Ahuja

guest editor: Lakshmi Iyer

In Indian aesthetics, a rasa literally means "nectar, essence or taste". Rasa are created by bhavas; a state of mind. Natya Shastra has 9 main rasas:

Shringara - delight/ beauty

Hasya - laughter

Karuna - compassion

Adbhuta - wonder

Bibhatsa - disgust

Veera - bravery

Raudra - anger

Bhayanak - fear

Shanta - peaceful

Haiku does reflect the state / moods of our mind in relation with the surroundings. Can you take the first three; Shringara, Hasya, and Karuna and express them in your poems?

Just sharing a few of mine, hope it makes a difference.

Shringara/ beauty, love, delight


growing up ...

her eyes meet her curves

for the umpteenth time


Hasya/ laughter


siblings fight

the dog barks away

with the ball


Karuna/ compassion


gun salute

memories of the lost

in golden letters

--- Lakshmi Iyer

Waiting to read yours...


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