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writeALONG!11th April


hosts: Muskaan Ahuja, Lakshmi Iyer

guest editor: Ajaya Mahala

The OUCH! moment

An "aha moment" is a much-used term in haiku parlance. There is nothing like an ouch moment in the haiku Jargon. Is the latter simply an antithesis?

bone density ...

a branch crumbles after the forest fire

-- Kala Ramesh

Kala's juxtaposition of outer world ( crumbling burnt branches) with the inner world ( the fear of breaking brittle bones in osteoporosis) elicits an "ouch". Her haiku illustrates the fact that the haiku moment need not be pleasant and soothing to the senses always. There may be moments which are piquant, harsh, fearful , hateful resulting from morphing and blending our senses in a variety of ways.

his last minutes ...

a line of ants ready for the forage

-- Suchitra Rath

We have our own encounters with ouch moments. Can we enlist them ?

It will be nice if some instance manifests itself through a low-calorie micropoem.


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