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triveni spotlight: 29 november

triveni spotlight A FEATURE EVERY ALTERNATE DAY! hosts: Teji Sethi and Kala Ramesh GUEST EDITOR: Paul Miller (paul m.)

year’s end frost

the field with a cattle trough

empty of cattle

Thomas Powell

Clay Moon (2020) 29

Note by the Guest Editor:

These poems have been pulled from my ever-growing document of favorite haiku.

Some I have admired for years, while others I have newly discovered. This is the

joy of poetry, as of life: its ever-changing course of discovery. I encourage all

readers of poetry to keep such a file. As far as has been possible, I have obtained

permission from the writers to share them.

– Paul Miller (paul m.)

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lakshmi iyer
lakshmi iyer
Nov 29, 2022

I just couldn't get it on my first read. But I just got the meaning as I read it slowly. And i realised

'Reading haiku is an art'

as Kala has explained in the interview with Patricia.

Careful reading with the perfect spacing in our breath brings out a clear understanding of our haiku.

I liked the last line

'empty of cattle' - this takes us back to the question 'what'

And you land on line two.

Then 'when'

It takes us to line one.

So from third line to the second and the first....riding on observations.

Just my finding of how beautifully one can develop haiku.

Japanese are very systematic and my father says that their engineering calculations are…

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