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triveni spotlight: 1st June 2023

triveni spotlight A FEATURE EVERY ALTERNATE DAY! hosts: Teji Sethi and Kala Ramesh GUEST EDITOR: Lakshmi Iyer June 2023

steeping tea

the time it takes to lose a street

to snow

Ben Gaa

The Heron's Nest: XV:2 ~ Editor's Choice ~ (2013)

Wishbones - Folded Word 2018

Hello readers,

There are moments of surprise in the poems hidden in between the time and space that breathes and echoes a voice of the universe. Unlock the door to the poem that stirs to startle you for a minute. Walk through them. Question the perception and resonate that with your experience. What makes you pause?

This month is going to be very interesting. Watch out for this space, every alternate day! Thank you, Lakshmi. We are waiting to see the month unfold. _()_

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