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triveni spotlight: 13 April 2024

triveni spotlight A FEATURE EVERY ALTERNATE DAY! hosts: Vidya Shankar and Teji Sethi GUEST EDITOR: Aparna Pathak 13 April 2024


cherry blossoms –

these brief moments

of compassion


— Michael Smeer

Wild Plum 2:1 Spring-Summer 2016



As a resident of North India, I always long for the spring season because of the harsh winters we experience here. Spring brings big relief as days start getting longer and warmer. Vasant Ritu (spring season) is a sensory delight with blooming flowers, rejuvenated topography and soothing breezes that inspires writers around the world to explore their imagination. On Vasant Panchami, goddess Saraswati, who is considered to be the goddess of wisdom, knowledge and creativity is worshipped throughout the country.

My selections are about the spring that symbolizes starting fresh, renewal and reawakening. The season is not only about opening windows of homes to the sunshine but also about mind that opens up and starts feeling inspired and motivated.

Aparna Pathak

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Thank you for being our next guest editor, Aparna. We look forward to your selection of poems that will rejuvenate us all through this month.


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very nice!!


Oh, this is so beautifully sad. Wow.


Thank you for sharing this. I love it when the cherry blossom starts to come out.



wet blossom

a beggar holds up a tin

to capture the rain

Robert Kingston, UK

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