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triveni spotlight : 11 june

triveni spotlight A FEATURE EVERY ALTERNATE DAY! hosts: Teji Sethi and Kala Ramesh guest editor: Geethanjali Rajan

theme: listening

dry spell

the pitter-patter

of leaves

Quendryth Young, Australia

(Cattails, October 2019)

Note by the editor: The theme for June 2022 is ‘listening’. I hope you enjoy the music, sounds, and silences of nature in these showcased poems of close observation.

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Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma
Jun 12, 2022

It's a joy to see and hear this beautiful image considering the heat we are facing this year...


Quendryth Young has been writing haiku for almost two decades and bringing alive Australia's geography, flora and fauna in her poems. This one is so vividly aural - pitter patter, and then, the surprise in the last line - 'of leaves'. I can feel the dry heat here now - we are in peak Summer.

And then, many poets have pointed out in this thread - the deeper layers of reading this poem.

Thanks Quendryth for sharing your poem.



long summer

the leaves too…

at breaking point


Thank you Geethanjali for sharing this wonderful poem. I had not heard of Quendryth Young but will certainly look her up.

Replying to

Thank you, Robert! I really like this image and the many associations.



love it…dry spell. So many ways to think about it

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