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thinkLONG! 11 October


host: Muskaan Ahuja

guest editor: Kavitha Sreeraj

“Stillness” – the paths we crossed!

"Were it not for the excess of your talking and the turmoil in your hearts, you

would see what I see and hear what I hear."

---- Ibn al- Arabi

The human mind is seldom quiet! How many days have we rushed

through paths and missed the little things made with great love

and wondered later how did we miss that?

"Nature does not hurry, yet

everything is accomplished."

--- Lao Tzu

A still lake reflects the images clearly. Can we practice and cultivate

stillness even when there is chaos around us? When we feel calm

we resonate and harmonize with the environment. Don’t we?

from time to time

the clouds give rest

to the moon-beholders.

- Matsuo Bashō

Today let’s slow down a little, and look around as we walk through

our everyday paths. Come back and share your beautiful poems!

I'll be right here.


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