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thinkALONG! 6 February


hosts: Muskaan Ahuja, Lakshmi Iyer

guest editor: an'ya

Please note: 

Only the unpublished poems (that are never published on any social media platform/journals/anthologies) posted here for each prompt will be considered for Triveni Haikai India's monthly journal -- haikuKATHA, each month.

Poets are requested to post poems (haiku/senryu) that adhere to the prompts/exercises given.

Only 1 poem to be posted in 24 hours. Total 2 poems per poet are allowed each week (numbered 1,2). So, revise your poems till 'words obey your call'.

If a poet wants feedback, then the poet must mention 'feedback welcome' below each poem that is being posted.

Responses are usually a mixture of grain and chaff. The poet has to be discerning about what to take for the final version of the poem or the unedited version will be picked up for the journal.

The final version should be on top of the original version for selection.

Poetry is a serious business. Give you best attempt to feature in haikuKATHA !!


Here is a haiku that embodies Orville Reddenbocker's quote:

“A good idea is not enough, execution is key.”


Not only is the content of this haiku striking in its natural simplicity and poetic rhythm, but in addition, the execution of that content is key.


What makes this an exceptionally stellar haiku is that the kigo "autumn moonlight" deepens the “aha” moment via the last line with the words "in solitude." The opossum, or "possum,” as it’s called in North America, is  a nocturnal creature that epitomizes solitude insofar as the definition: "remoteness from habitations, as of a time or place; and the absence of

human activity".

Luckily, the poet must have been up late at night and able to observe this animal. To be a part of its solitude and yet be adept enough not to insert herself into the haiku, is as pure as a haiku can be. In addition, the skillful use of "m" and “o” sounds with the words "autumn, moonlight, possum, and solitude" is a real bonus:

autumn moonlight

a possum walks the fence

in solitude


--- larisa Worthington

Haiku Prompt: Be inspired to write your own haiku that represents an "aha" moment of solitude that you've shared with something in nature without placing yourself directly in the haiku. If possible, see if you can also use some kind of repeating sounds.



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#Revision 1


fresh rose petal

fluttering to earth...

a world in itself

Thank you @tanka anya for your feedback.



fresh rose petal

fluttering on earth...

a story in itself

Padma Priya


Feedback welcome

Replying to

Beautiful Padma. The delicacy of the lines 'fluttering on earth' - mimics the falling petals - this is lovely.


My own solitude moment this morning.

duck gone

the little lift before

it dove


Replying to

Thanks Shawn, I'm glad you think I captured the way that duck lifts a little before diving. We watch them and the seals do the same thing to gain momentum. love ya, an'ya


blue sky

between winter rains--

joggers everywhere

Linda Papanicolaou, US

#2, 2/10/24

Replying to

I can visualise this one Linda. The way the blue sky moves to winter rain helps to create movement, lovely.


#2, 10/2, revised, trying a duostich, thanks Lev!

paper weight

the burden of an apology letter

9/2, original

paper weight the burden of an apology letter 

Lakshmi Iyer, India

just wanted to learn about this ku, if possible, its very close to me

Replying to

Yes, thanks so much for the comments. And thanks for the encouragement.


The selection is out! Check the CELEBRATION!

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