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thinkALONG! 5 March


hosts: Muskaan Ahuja, Lakshmi Iyer

guest editor: Lakshmi Iyer

Please note: 

Only the unpublished poems (that are never published on any social media platform/journals/anthologies) posted here for each prompt will be considered for Triveni Haikai India's monthly journal -- haikuKATHA, each month.

Poets are requested to post poems (haiku/senryu) that adhere to the prompts/exercises given.

Only 1 poem to be posted in 24 hours. Total 2 poems per poet are allowed each week (numbered 1,2). So, revise your poems till 'words obey your call'.

If a poet wants feedback, then the poet must mention 'feedback welcome' below each poem that is being posted.

Responses are usually a mixture of grain and chaff. The poet has to be discerning about what to take for the final version of the poem or the unedited version will be picked up for the journal.

The final version should be on top of the original version for selection.

Poetry is a serious business. Give you best attempt to feature in haikuKATHA !!


I watched seven sparrows

fresh from the countryside

get off the train,

find a place in town to sit 

and think things through


--- Michael McClintock, USA

the whorehouse

newly painted and fixed up

now that war is here


--- Michael McClintock, USA



The freshness of a poem lies not only in the image but also in the words that are chosen to uplift the essence of the aesthetics. Narration of the poem is one aspect to communicate the hidden thoughts of the poet and connect it well with a human aspect.

What are your understandings of this poem?

Can you craft a fresh haiku/senryu from the bowl of your mind?


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#1 11/3/24

watching a rabbit

suddenly disappear

out of sight

I learn to blend

into forest roses

Joanna Ashwell


Feedback welcome

Replying to

Nice! I would be thankful if you could post the same in Tanka Take Home. Probably it may be picked.




climbing rainbows…

learning the art form

the child next door

Padma Priya


Feedback welcome

Replying to

Thank you so much. Glad that you like it.



the edge

of spring

a deer's leg

Shawn Blair, USA

Comments welcome.

Replying to

Beautiful Shawn, I love the way you shape spring arriving with the deer.


charcoal smog

chuk-chuk rail gaadi 


into its noise

Kala Ramesh India #! Feedback welcome.

Replying to

I looked up "chuk-chuk rail gaadi" and all I found was children's songs. But I assume this just means some kind of train, maybe an old-fashioned kind of train? The verse is so evocative, I love its conflation of sight and sound.


Mar 09

#2, 9/3/24

counting my marbles

I wonder where

I’ve lost the others

~ Baisali Chatterjee Dutt

Kolkata, India

Feedback always welcome 🙏🏽

Mar 11
Replying to


Yes @Lev Hart, that is indeed what I intended. I hope it works here in this ku?

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