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thinkALONG! 31 May

host: Muskaan Ahuja

"If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough."

--- Albert Einstein

How true, isn't it? Ever related it to haikai poems? Do you know the rules really well to teach even one person? Can you teach them what is a haiku/ senryu/ tanka/ haibun in one line? Can you be less complex and more simple in your language and style?

Here's a golden chance for you to teach our readers what defines a haiku/ senryu, etc.

Substantiate with an example poem and tell why does it interest you so much? How do you relate to it?

Can you teach the beginners how to read a haiku?

Can you teach them what works and does not work?

The list is long....

Go ahead, and share your insights! Let it be a fruitful exchange between you and the readers!

Note: Please DO NOT SHARE any links -- explain what comes naturally to you.


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