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thinkALONG! 18th April


host: Muskaan Ahuja, Lakshmi Iyer

guest editor: Ajaya Mahala

Negative Emotions

A lot has been spoken about positive attitude and decent behaviour. But how does one grapple with his negative emotions?

still pond

I sabotage the moon with a stone

-- Ajaya Mahala

We tend to be broadly idealistic in our behaviour. However, aberrations are inevitable.

knowingly stepping over

her muruja*_

an intolerant friend

*muruja (Odia word for Rangoli; floral designs on floor usually by girls using powders of different colours)

--- Sanghamitra Jena

Even normal humans sometimes exhibit sadistic patterns in their behaviour. I have seen a child deriving pleasure in upturning an insect repeatedly where the hapless tiny creature was struggling to straighten itself.

late for work

occasions I hate blind people

-- Ajaya Mahala

Am I honest in my expression?

You have your own ways of giving vent to your frustration or any kind of negative emotion or avenging a wrong done to you. Share your experience, if they are not absolutely personal.


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