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host: Muskaan Ahuja

guest editor: Srinivasa Rao

` Variation, a way of life

Variation is a way of life, be it natural or man-made. No two apples are the same, they may vary in size, shape, weight and/or taste. No two chapatis we make are the same. They may vary in shape, surface area, the amount of dough that is used.

Variations in apples and chapatis may not impact much to human lives but what about variations in wealth and health? We measure the prosperity of a country by the terms like GDP, purchasing power parity, per capita income etc., In industry we use statistical tools to measure and control variation to produce consistent and reliable products. Have we ever tried to use the metrics like range between the richest and the poorest, standard deviation in the individual incomes to minimize the same?

Haikai poets rarely attempt to write on these social issues. Are we not concerned about these


On the other hand, imagine a world where all have the same amount of income. Everybody has the same kind of food and shelter. Will that life be interesting? Then where do we need to draw a line?

Think it over. Respond through a senryu/tanka.

poll time—

five in the slum

same as five in a villa

--- Srinivasa Rao


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