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THE HAIBUN GALLERY: 22nd September — a Thursday feature

Hosts: Firdaus Parvez and Kala Ramesh

22nd September 2022

We have Kat Lehman with us, once again!

Squirrel A Way I search for hidden deer and a place to sit next to audible water. Try to find my mind again. Maybe a new bird. I sort the major from the minor, the shakers from the shaken. Dodge the falling acorns. But what really rules my moment is this disintegrating leaf. The autumn maple feeds its future vernal self with a little left over to share with the other trees. It surrenders everything for a hope in the unknown. Without it, the rest falls apart. worm cycle the crowdsourcing of pink petals

Kat Lehmann

Modern Haiku 53:1 (2022)

I read this beautiful haibun several times. Like classical music - the more I listened the more it yielded. From you, we want a haibun that's loaded with *haikai prose* - which is tight prose - following the principle of less is more and cap it with an effective haiku - not just any old haiku ... :))

As always, a good haibun will find its way into the next issue of our fabulous journal. Firdaus and I are eagerly looking forward to reading your haibun.


1. Only two haibun per poet per prompt.

2. Share your best-polished pieces.

3. Please do not post something in a hurry or something you have just written. Let it simmer for a while.

4. When poets give suggestions and if you agree to them - post your final edited version on top of your original version.

5. Don't forget to give feedback on others' poems.

We are delighted to open the comment thread for you to share your unpublished haibun (within 300 words) to be considered for inclusion in the haikuKATHA monthly journal.


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