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14th April 2022

Afternoon Garden

For the time being, well past noon, God, I ask that you above all leave me alone, that I might just sit here in the leaf shade, beside the wall with its swallow-thrown shadows and the easy, unmended thoughts time affords me: these solid forms of pots, flush with zinnias, and the sun patch fading where the grass snake glides unknotted.

a hollow tree the beginning of dusk

— Previously published in Anthology of Days (Backwoods Broadsides, No. 70, 2002)

Michael McClintock

Some additional links to his work:

A very interesting haibun by Michael McClintock features here, do give it a read.

We are in the middle of spring. Flowers fill the meadows and paths everywhere. The sun is glorious and abundant. Write a haibun that captures spring.

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