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The Cosmic Wheel

A short film produced and created by Masood Hussain, for Inner Soul Films

Music by Pandit Rakesh Chaurasia

Poets: Kala Ramesh, Teji Sethi and Lakshmi Iyer

The Cosmic Wheel

temple in ruins ...

the carved wooden door

still stands

a wave tossed log

the journey to somewhere


on weathered rocks ...

the memories of war

an owl’s hoot unveils

the night’s stillness

the half-closed eyes

of a bronze Buddha —

i learn to let go

the vast sky lightens up

with silence from within


Poets in the order their verses appear:

Kala Ramesh – vs 1 & 4

Teji Sethi – vs 2 & 5

Lakshmi Iyer – vs 3 & 6

The Cosmic Wheel

The concept of viewing the universe as a set of discrete galaxies held together by gravity is deeply ingrained in cosmology. In this rengay the verses are held together by the elusive concept of wabi-sabi. The carved wooden door of a ruined temple brings out the passage of time and beauty in impermanence — sabi, that takes to wabi — melancholy and tranquillity in a single verse by the wave - tossed log. The third verse again illustrates wabi-sabi by weathered rocks under the reflection of the moon. The fourth verse shifts from the upper verses and stares into the readers' mind - stark and naked. It brings out the reality that is succeeded by the human dilemma of letting go and holding on in the fifth verse. The final verse departs from the outside world into the depths of the mind and rises to the cosmic truth.

Rengay is a six-verse linked thematic form of collaborative poetry. Garry Gay invented it in August of 1992. The main goal of rengay is to have a theme that unifies all six verses. For three people the pattern is A-3, B-2, C-3, A-2, B-3, C-2, a form that also achieves balance among the three contributors. The theme of rengay can take many forms, limited only by the imagination of the poets, and serves to benefit readers as a clothesline upon which each of the verses are pinned.

(source: Haikupaedia)

Kala Ramesh, Teji Sethi and Lakshmi Iyer belong to Triveni Haikai India — an organisation that promotes and nurtures Japanese short-form poetry.

Write-up by Teji Sethi

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