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Short Film - haiku & bharatanatyam dance by Asha Bala & Richard Gilbert

Presenters: Asha Bala & Richard Gilbert A collaboration that was presented at the Haiku North American Conference 2019 at Winton-Salem. Link: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO TRIVENI HAIKAI INDIA YouTube CHANNEL: Oct 9, 2022 In this one-line haiku (the second one) by Richard Gilbert, the dancers have attempted to move away from the traditional Bharata Natyam to try something different in the modern contemporary dance style. as an and you and you and you alone in the sea Richard Gilbert Music credits: Loris Lombardo-Handpan. Video credits: Palani Mohan - PTM Photo & Video Choreographer: Asha Bala Director, Leela School of Dance ( Concept Visualiser: Kala Ramesh Poet, editor, anthologist and festival director Author of beyond the horizon beyond External Faculty in Haikai Literature: Symbiosis International University (SIU) Pune

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