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RENKU: linked collaborative verses: TRIPARSHVA - Gruhapravesh!

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Sabaki (lead poet) - Linda Papanicolaou


POST - 19 Triparshva COMPLETED!

28th JULY 2022

Here is the final version, with some edits for spelling, grammar, and removing repetitive words or usages (as noted in an earlier comment, we had too many prepositional phrases beginning with “of,” so a number of these have been changed for variety. Many thanks to Kala and Firdaus for their input, too.

We plan to publish this in the next haikuKATHA, Issue 10 (August 2022) so we have one more request: If you wish to do so, would you post a paragraph in the comments about your experience in the renku. Your responses are called “kanso” and are published with the renku.


— a 22-verse triparshva renku

housewarming …

all the flavours of summer

on a dining table / Firdaus Parvez

a dozen ripened mangoes

from the neighbour next door / Kala Ramesh

the gleeful shouts

of street kids rolling

a bicycle tyre / Priti Aisola

an airplane through the clouds

in an indigo twilight / Margherita Petriccione

so close

the snow moon

envelops the field / Angiola Inglese

crackling silence as we bend

over the chessboard / Sushama Kapur

caparisoned elephants

raising their trumpets amid

the village prayer beats / Lakshmi Iyer

a pied crested cuckoo

on a telephone wire / Marcie Wessels

after the downpour

she squeezes our clothes

under the banyan tree / Milan Rajkumar

a backlit craving races

into an embrace / Kavita Ratna

those dreams

of my first love

once again / Arvinder Kaur

the merry-go-round horse

stopped on a high note / Robert Kingston

a crick

in the neck

after Sistine Chapel / Sanjukta Asopa

shadows lengthen

this new bite in the air / Sushama Kapur

moonbeams dipping

into a storm drain and a stream

with the same alacrity / Priti Aisola

the whisper of falling leaves

rolls into a pyramid / Amrutha V. Prabhu

trekking on Himalayas

our false selves peel off

in layers / Kala Ramesh

synchronized silhouettes

planting rice in paradise / Kanjini Dev

giggles follow

the ventriloquist’s voice

in the Panchatantra / Lakshmi Iyer

our small garden abuzz

with the day’s anecdotes / Mona Bedi

a bamboo fence


in the magnolia haze / Sanjukta Asopa

this makeshift clothesline

swaying in spring wind / Kanjini Devi

Triparshva – a 22-verse renku was created by Norman Darlington.

Sabaki (lead poet) – Linda Papanicolaou

Renkujin as they appear in the renku.

Firdaus Parvez: vs 1 Kala Ramesh: vs 2 & 17 Priti Aisola: vs 3 & 15 Margherita Petriccione: vs 4 Angiola Inglese: vs 5 Sushama Kapur: vs 6 & 14 Lakshmi Iyer: vs 7 & 19 Marcie Wessels: vs 8 Milan Rajkumar: vs 9 Kavita Ratna: vs 10 Arvinder Kau: vs 11 Robert Kingston: vs 12 Sanjukta Asopa: vs 13 & 21 Amrutha V. Prabhu: vs16 Kanjini Dev: vs 18 & 22 Mona Bedi: vs 20

Gruhapravesh meaning 'Housewarming' in Samskrit, was started on the 2nd of June and completed on the 28th of July 2022 on Triveni Haikai India.

Our first collaborative linked verse – Gruhapravesh was lead by Sabaki, Linda Papanicolaou


Side one - Jo

hokku summer

wakiku summer

daisan non season

4 ns

5. winter moon

6 ns

Side 2 - Ha

7 ns

8 monsoon

9 monsoon love

10 ns lv

11 ns lv

12. ns

13 ns

14 autumn

15 au moon

16 autumn

Side 3 - Kyu

17 ns

18 monsoon

19 ns

20 spring

21 sp blossom

22 ageku - sp

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angiola inglese
angiola inglese
Aug 02, 2022

I am very grateful to Kala and Linda for the opportunity I had to take part in this group work that has taught me so much. And I am honored to have written one of the lunar verses that was chosen, I did not want to believe it ..... but it was an important stimulus. Thank you again


A magical path: to come together in serenity and lightness, to be guided by a sensitive and expert person like Linda Papanicolaou, guests of an admirable poet like Kala Ramesh, I could not wish for more.

Each step was a milestone, enriched knowledge and skills, by virtue of Linda's patient explanations.

There was also a moment of self-centered satisfaction when a verse of mine was chosen, pure emotion.

A unique experience, which I hope can be repeated. Thank you so much.


Unknown member
Aug 01, 2022

Dear Linda, I am neither good at giving praises, nor receiving them. I am making an attempt here to improve :)

I don't have words to capture the beauty of renku. On this day, it is my favorite of all the flavors in haikai. What I love the most about renku are the uncertainty and the spontaneity of the flow. With every verse being added, I was aware, of how less I knew. A heartfelt thanks to the team led by Kala for initiating renku and for giving us an opportunity to sail in it.

renku season at triveni —

one after another, poets join in

catching the scent

While renku is beautiful, a lead poet's ability to manifest the…


Jul 30, 2022

Thank you, Kala for initiating renku on Triveni and giving us the opportunity to participate and learn so so much from our wonderful Sabaki, Linda!

Thank you, Linda, for your deep explanations and your selections, as well as the reasons for them. Your words will stay with me. _()_

It was great participating with all the poets and being inspired by each other. Thank you, everyone. :)


Kavita Ratna
Kavita Ratna
Jul 30, 2022

Observing keenly, how this Renku has taken shape is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. It contains lessons I will keeping going back for - from every step of the process. Most illuminating was role played by Linda, with wisdom and kindness! The camaraderie in this Gruhapravesh gathering was deeply heartwarming and at the same time, nudging one another into nuances that, certainly for me, would have been impossible to attempt alone. Kala, you created this canvas, with care, diligence - holding up such high standards to look up to, and aspire for. Will hold all of these close to my heart and poetry.

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