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open sky :: SAMVAAD | 25th Feb

hosts : Sanjuktaa Asopa & Aparna Pathak

evening wind

the flutter and dive

of sand martins

- Judy Kendall

( Presence haiku journal, issue 51, Dec 2014)

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Judy Kendall has been so generous in sharing her thoughts about this poem with the readers. Here is the second part of her commentary. Hope you will enjoy and appreciate.

" I have had two more thoughts about this little haiku which I'll share - who knew there was so much to say!

The first is I have written a lot about the early 20th century poet Edward Thomas, including a book on Edward Thomas and birdsong, and I noticed that in Thomas's poems he often describes birds' movement with two verbs, not one. It shows I think how difficult it is to observe birds in situ - they are always on the move. It also says something about Thomas'…

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Let's now listen to what Judy Kendall has to say about the birthing of this poem. We will bring you her commentary in two parts. Over to Judy. It was written while birdwatching at a bank in northwest England as   sand martins were fluttering and diving - my first time to enjoy them intensely, and their movements entranced me. At the time I was grieving the sudden loss of a great haiku poet and friend, Martin Lucas,  the founding editor of Presence haiku journal. His unexpected death really rocked the haiku community, not only in England but abroad as well. It was also a personal loss for me (and many others). Among other things, he introduced me to bird watching…

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Contestando a


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mona bedi
mona bedi
26 feb

A comforting visual!

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Beautiful, I love the movement through this haiku.

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from worm hole

to worm hole the stars

sand martins leave behind

Me gusta
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