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open sky :: SAMVAAD | 24th March

hosts : Sanjuktaa Asopa & Aparna Pathak

only the moon 

privy to a possum's

tightrope walk


- Madhuri Pillai

( Cattails, January 2016 )

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Kanji Dev
Kanji Dev
Mar 27

How beautiful! A perfect example of not having the poet in the poem, and yet we have the pleasure of this poem because of the poet. Thank you, Sanjuktaa.


Although I have never seen a possum, that does not stop me from imagining or appreciating its walk.The best thing about this poem, however, are the atmosphere it creates, as Susan has pointed out already and the visuals that transport you right to the scene.

Madhuri had just this to tell about possums:

In the night, the possums have a free run, you see them sitting on telephone wires, or scuttling across. They are often considered pests, because they eat fruits and vegetables in the garden at night.


There’s a mystery in this, as the poet, too, is privy to the possum’s antics. … Fun, the haiku offer much to think about…


I can visualise this. Lovely poem.


Oh a nice one! I get the image of the possum ss if i am the moon!

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