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open sky :: SAMVAAD | 1st October

hosts : Sanjuktaa Asopa & Kashiana Singh

leaf pile raker

leaf pile kicker

two autumns

- Scott Mason

( 3rd place,Francine Porad Haiku Contest in 2016.)

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Time to hear the poet's story .

Scott Mason says:

Noticing a father and his young boy in their front yard one October or November several years ago I was reminded instantly of my own past experiences as a carefree pre-schooler (the leaf kicker) and, later, as an adolescent with certain around-the-home responsibilities (the leaf raker). This poem was the natural result. Of course, it also recalls the well-known "me leaving / you staying / two autumns" haiku -- often attributed to Buson but more likely by Shiki.


lakshmi iyer
lakshmi iyer
Oct 04, 2023

Loved the poem and its actions that are really straight..' leaf pile raker/leaf pile kicker'

Two different scenes and two different stories. There are so many things to show and narrate within two autumns.

Just hoping Scott Mason narrates the poem. Wanting to read from him. Absolutely wonderful Poem, thanks @sanjuktaa2003 and @kashiana.singh

Replying to

Lakshmi, your wish fulfilled!!

Scott Mason shares his story.

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