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open sky :: SAMVAAD | 1st January

hosts : Sanjuktaa Asopa & Vandana Parashar

kneeling to pray

where ferns uncurl

into mist

---- Adele Kenny

(Not Asking What If, Muse-Pie Press, Passaic, NJ 2016)


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How this beautiful ku came to be written? Adele Kenny says:

'm afraid I don't recall exactly what inspired the poem. I do like to pray outdoors and have always had ferns in my garden. The fact that the ferns are uncurling suggests that the haiku moment "happened" in early spring. The softness of the season, the morning mist, and the feeling of prayer form the spiritual backdrop for the poem.


Kala Ramesh
Kala Ramesh
Jan 01, 2023

Something most poignant, here. Thanks!


This will certainly go down in my book of favorites. Beautiful! It takes me somewhere I can't put into words.

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