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open sky :: SAMVAAD | 14th April

hosts : Sanjuktaa Asopa & Aparna Pathak

old enough

my ears

have tassels too

- Randy Brooks

( Modern haiku 55.1, winter/spring 2024)


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This poem must be one of the best senryu ( or is it a haiku?) I've read in recent times. The lightness and humour in this ...!

Randy Brooks says,

As the author I would simply say that it connects several points from my life experiences. First of all, when I was a teenager in Indiana I was on the corn-detasseling crews. Our job was to walk out into the corn rows cutting or pulling off the tassels to prevent the Hybrid corn from cross-fertilization. As teenagers we thought it was funny that we were the “sex prevention” police for the corn. So this senryu could be about maturing and growing into our adult selves. OR . . . it…


Paul Mena
Paul Mena
Apr 14

I can definitely relate to this one! With 11 grandchildren, there's always at least one "observant" child who will point out my various "tassels."


The light touch!

Replying to

Yes. I also thought so.


lovely piece with unique and fresh sensory appeal.

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