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open sky :: SAMVAAD | 12th may

hosts : Sanjuktaa Asopa & Aparna Pathak

summer stars

an eel slides

towards my nightmare

-- Stephen Toft

( Scryptic, issue 1.3)

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Adelaide Shaw
Adelaide Shaw
5 days ago

Nightmare, to my thinking, doesn't necessiraly refer to a bad dream. It could mean a bad situation, a terrible problem that the poet has. An eel—slippery. slithering, twisting—is symbolic of his problem.


The poet, has this to say about its making:

I can’t really remember the circumstances or thought processes of its composition but i’m honoured it has been chosen for the feature.


I enjoyed this. The long last line is really effective, as it seems to slow time as the eel slides. It adds to the tension.

Replying to

Thanks Lorraine. Now I understand this poem much better.

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