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learning: Haiku in Indian Languages - Telugu

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

HAIKU IN TELUGU editor: Rama Krishna Perugu translators: Sathyanarayana MVS and Prof. Indira Babbelpati

Inspired by Bashō, many Indian writers adopted Zen-style and created haiku. In 1990

Gaali Nasar Reddy brought out his first haiku collection Kanjeera. Dr. Penna Siva Ramakrishna

published a collection in 1991, followed by Ismail in 1995, and about 100 poets after that.

In 2002 at Anakapalle, a small Town in Andhra Pradesh, Dr. T. Prithv Raj founded the

Indian Haiku Club and published three collections, Nelavanka, Sambhodhi and Arati Kuteeram.

poola curtain floral curtain:

seethakokachiluka perches over it

vachi valindhi a butterfly

—Gaali Nasar Reddy

deepam veligaaka lights flash

andarikee telisindhi they discover

nenu ekakinani I’m alone

—Dr. Penna Siva Ramakrishna

pichuka eguruthoo vochindi flaps in to my room

naa gadhiloki— a sparrow brings in

aakaasaanni ventesukuni! the sky

—Makineedu Surya Bhaskar

raathri vacchina vaana the night rain

cheekatini poorthigaa kadigesindhi rinses away the darkness

thoorupu thellabadindhi east shimmers


bhoomikosam thannukuntunnaru they fight for the earth

aakaasaanni leaving the sky

naaku vadilinandhuku thanks to me, thanks


Muse India, November 2013

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