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indianKUKAI #44 - RESULTS

hosts: Amoolya Kamalnath, Kashinath Karmakar, Neena Singh, Ravi Kiran & Rohan Kevin Broach

We conclude this edition of the indianKUKAI #44

85 Submissions came from 22 countries: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Nepal, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, USA & Vietnam.

theme: Winter precipitation

The winner is * * * Priti Aisola * * * with 18 points!

winter fog ...

the murkiness

of his intent

Priti Aisola



In the 2nd place is * * * Mirela Brailean* * * with 17 points.

funeral procession

just on mother's face

the unmelted snow

Mirela Brailean



In the Joint 3rd place is  * * * Sandip Chauhan * * * with 16 points.

frosty morning

how crisp the sound of

splitting logs

Sandip Chauhan



In the Joint 3rd place is   * * * Mona Bedi * * * with 16 points.

a shiver

in the busker's song —

winter mist

Mona Bedi



CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and our deep gratitude to all the poets for their warmhearted and enthusiastic participation in the submission and the voting.

We shall be mailing these beautiful certificates designed by Teji Sethi to the winners.


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Congratulations to the winners! I think everyone who entered the contest deserves a pat on the back, too. 😉


Congrats to all! Well done!


It would be nice if everyone could see the results for their haiku. Now it's like we're pouring into a bottomless barrel...


Heartfelt congratulations! Lovely and most deserving selections!


Congratulations to all. It is a pleasure to read such beautiful haiku. Amazing work by all of you. Thank you.

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