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indianKUKAI #38 RESULTS!

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

hosts: Kashinath Karmakar, Neena Singh & Ravi Kiran

We conclude the edition of the indianKUKAI #38

76 Submissions came from 23 countries:

India, USA, Germany, Romania, Australia, New Zealand , Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, England, Bangladesh, Scotland, Poland, Denmark, Japan, France, Greece, N. Ireland, Macedonia, Algeria, Trinidad, Algeria & Croatia.

theme: healing

The winner is * * * Mona Bedi * * * with 43 points!

pottery class

i embrace the broken

pieces of me

Mona Bedi Delhi, India


In the 2nd place is * * * Subir Ningthouja * * * with 35 points.

parched fields ...

raindrops gently close

the fissures

Subir Ningthouja Imphal, India


In the 3rd place is * * * Arvinder Kaur * * * with 21 points.


the touch of his lips

on my forehead

Arvinder Kaur

Chandigarh, India

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and our deep gratitude to all the poets for their warmhearted and enthusiastic participation in the submission and the voting.

We shall be mailing these beautiful certificates designed by Teji Sethi to the winners.

indianKUKAI Hosts: Kash, Neena & Ravi

Triveni Haikai India

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