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hosts: Aparna Pathak, Kashinath Karmakar and Neena Singh

We conclude the edition of the indianKUKAI #37.

97 Submissions came from 22 countries:

India, USA, Germany, Romania, Australia, Phillippines, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, UK, Bangladesh, Scotland, Canada, Poland, Denmark, Japan, France, Greece, N. Ireland, Macedonia, Algeria, & Croatia.

theme: war

The winner is *** Bakhtiyar Amini *** with 25 points!

new graves

almost everywhere


Bakhtiyar Amini

The 2nd place is shared by three poetsMona Bedi, Vibeke Laier, & Kristina Todorova each with 20 points.

war zone

still the flight of

migrating geese

— Mona Bedi

war zone

all the missing


--- Vibeke Laier


looking for new home

the stork

--- Kristina Todorova

The Third place is also shared by three poets Barbara Kaufmann, Daniela Misso, & Keiko Izawa with 18 points each.


against the winds of war


--- Barbara Kaufmann

bombs fall

in a child's eyes

storks flying

--- Daniela Misso


an old cherry tree remembers


--- Keiko Izawa

In Fourth Place is Cezar Florescu with 17 points.

the calendar

with no Sundays ...


--- Cezar Florescu

In Fifth place is Arvinder Kaur with 15 points.

war cry

my baby's kick violent

in the womb

Arvinder Kaur

Congratulations to all the 9 winners and our deepest gratitude to all the poets for their warm-hearted and enthusiastic participation in the submission and the voting.

We shall be mailing these beautiful certificates designed by Teji Sethi to the winners.

indianKUKAI Hosts: Kash, Aparna & Neena Triveni Haikai India

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