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hosts: Aparna Pathak, Kashinath Karmakar and Neena Singh

We conclude the edition of the indianKUKAI #37.

97 Submissions came from 22 countries:

India, USA, Germany, Romania, Australia, Phillippines, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, UK, Bangladesh, Scotland, Canada, Poland, Denmark, Japan, France, Greece, N. Ireland, Macedonia, Algeria, & Croatia.

theme: war

The winner is *** Bakhtiyar Amini *** with 25 points!

new graves

almost everywhere


Bakhtiyar Amini

The 2nd place is shared by three poets—Mona Bedi, Vibeke Laier, & Kristina Todorova each with 20 points.

war zone

still the flight of

migrating geese

— Mona Bedi

war zone

all the missing


--- Vibeke Laier


looking for new home

the stork

--- Kristina Todorova

The Third place is also shared by three poets Barbara Kaufmann, Daniela Misso, & Keiko Izawa with 18 points each.


against the winds of war


--- Barbara Kaufmann

bombs fall

in a child's eyes

storks flying

--- Daniela Misso


an old cherry tree remembers


--- Keiko Izawa

In Fourth Place is Cezar Florescu with 17 points.

the calendar

with no Sundays ...


--- Cezar Florescu

In Fifth place is Arvinder Kaur with 15 points.

war cry

my baby's kick violent

in the womb

Arvinder Kaur

Congratulations to all the 9 winners and our deepest gratitude to all the poets for their warm-hearted and enthusiastic participation in the submission and the voting.

We shall be mailing these beautiful certificates designed by Teji Sethi to the winners.

indianKUKAI Hosts: Kash, Aparna & Neena Triveni Haikai India

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Mallika Chari
Mallika Chari
Jun 27, 2022

Congratulations to all the winners.

It is a wonderful to read !

Every haiku is cherish able abd a treat to mind!!


Michael Henry Lee
Michael Henry Lee
Jun 26, 2022

a hearty congratulations to all the winners and all the participants

Peace and Love


neena singh
neena singh
May 02, 2022

I would like to suggest to all participants (excluding prize winners whose poems stand published) to submit their poems to Chrissi Villa, Editor Frameless Sky, as she has expressed that she liked many of them. The theme of her forthcoming issue is ‘war‘. Best wishes and thanks again for the participation.


Well done to all. Such beautiful work—and certificates!


Aparna Pathak
Aparna Pathak
May 01, 2022

Congratulations winners !! Thank you so much for your participation in kukai and making it successful !!👍👍

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