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HAIKUsutradhar: 1st September 2023 Rupa Anand

Updated: Sep 1

HAIKUsutradhar. weekly prompts


1st September

Host: Kala Ramesh

Group Mentor: Lev Hart Prompter for August: Rupa Anand

OUR MISSION: 1) To provide a new poetry workshop each Friday, along with a prompt.

2) To select haiku, senryu, and haiga each month for the journal, haikuKATHA. Each issue will select poems that were posted in this forum from the 3rd of the previous month to the 2nd of the current month.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1. Post a maximum of two verses per week, from Friday to Friday, numbered 1 & 2. Post only one haiku in a day, in 24 hours.

2. Only post unpublished verses --- nothing that has appeared in peer-reviewed or edited journals, anthologies, your webpage, social media, etc.

3. Only post original verses.

4. For each poem you post, comment on one other person’s poem.

5. Give feedback only to those poets who have requested it.

6. Do not post a variety of drafts, along with a request for readers to choose which they like most. Only one poem is to appear in each original post.

7. Post each revision, if you have any, above the original. The top version will be your submission to haikuKATHA. Do not delete the original post.

8. Do not submit found poetry or split sequences.

9. Do not post photos, except for haiga.

10. With haiga, post details re: the source of the visual image.

Poems that do not follow the guidelines may be deleted.

Founder/Managing Editor of haikuKATHA Monthly Journal: Kala Ramesh

Associate Editors: Ashish Narain Firdaus Parvez Hemapriya Chellappan Priti Aisola Sanjuktaa Asopa Shalini Pattabiraman Suraja Menon Roychowdhury Vandana Parashar Vidya Shankar


PROMPT: 1st Week:

Very often we may find ourselves in front of a blank page or stuck in a poem-in-progress. Writing prompts can offer a spark that ignites our creative thinking and leads to new writing. Prompts offer guidance, fresh ideas, and direction for poets.

Dear friends, let the juices flow and hit the buttons on your phone /computer or simply let that pencil take to paper.

1. Street signs: Take note of the words on signs and street names you pass while driving, walking, or riding the bus/metro/train to work or anywhere. Write a poem starting with any one word you notice.

Sketch from FREEPIK Waiting to read your poems.

Rupa Anand


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