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haikaiTALKS Q25: a saturday gathering!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022


*** Q #25 ***


haikaiTALKS Q #25: a saturday gathering_under the banyan tree

host: Kala Ramesh

Hearty Congratulations, to Lakshmi Iyer

Vandana has picked Lakshmi’s answer as the best reply to her Q!

Listen to what Vandana has to say:

Dear Kala,

My heartfelt thanks to you and Suraja for giving me this opportunity to explore how the poets feel a connection between spirituality and haiku writing.

I thank all the poets who shared their views and haiku on this topic. Each and every comment was a realisation in itself. I’m bowled over by the beauty of the haiku shared.

The answer which resonated with me the most was Lakshmi’s. Her explanation is beautiful and her haiku are absolutely gorgeous. I marvel at her spontaneity in writing so many wonderful haiku as if she has conjured them by magic.

So with a heart still warm from reading her haiku, I pass over the baton to Lakshmi Iyer.

Have a blessed week ahead.



To read the whole discussion that happened for Q 24, here is the link:

Now for Lakshmi’s Q #25

Well, our batch was fortunate to have K Ramesh in the Gurukulam session. In the very first class, he posted a beautiful film of Basho, which was motivating for most of us. It was a voyage - a travelogue - a journey. We were asked to post haiku of what we learnt from the film.

My question is:

Has travel inspired you to write any haiku/ haibun/ tanka?

What inspires you the most? The place, the people, the nature, the flora / fauna, the history, the architecture. It can be national/ international. It can be your hometown/ your city.

Please share your thoughts in 17 syllables or a short haibun or with a tanka. Just try to add the essence of the place you wish to visit or that you have visited. But, before that, please watch the movie. The link is provided below. The film will definitely leave you with memories.

Check out The Voyage of Bashô from Sacco Film Postproduction Zurich on Vimeo.

** **

Sharing my haiku from the Pune City Tour.

Pune Darshan ...

the guide's eyes counting

our heads

rows of banyan trees ...

deep rooted history

of Shivaji Rao Peshwa

Japanese garden ...

four vultures watching us

watch them

grey dusk ...

my mind reminiscing

the struggle for freedom


Trivenians are given time until midnight of 20th APRIL (IST) to share your views and reviews!

Waiting to read your responses!

your host,


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Apr 19, 2022

Thank you Lakshmi for the wonderful question. And yes so agree with you that we were indeed fortunate to have K. Ramesh as our Guru in Gurukulam.

Taking inspiration from the haibun I've read here and haibun gallery, I've tried something new to me, a kind of stream of consciousness technique. I have also tried to not use pronouns. Have used only one at the end.

Feedback most welcome.



the sweaty ride is best forgotten as the bus trundles to its unique destination pondicherry the booked apartment is clean and well equipped but of course as soon as the travel stains are washed off the first spot for sightseeing in the evening is the main road that runs…

Apr 19, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Lakshmi! So happy you think so. It was a fun trip, short and sweet. :))

I'll move it to the haibun gallery.


News round

Mum was always first to rise. A stealth like shake on the shoulder would see the remaining sleepers continue without so much as a disturbed breath.

up and out sharp a brief cat lick sharpens the light

On time to hear the 6 a.m dock whistle, I weave through the pre and post war buildings, collect my round and make haste for the start.

barking dog I take ownership for the broken clock

Like me and most, my dog Max was a bitsa (mongrel), he would head off to search out anything that moved in the shadows. Always finding something, always being someone’s alarm call.

regurgitated war news I drag my feet through father’s youth

The papers o…

Replying to

Thank you for your kind words mona


Kavitha Sreeraj
Kavitha Sreeraj
Apr 18, 2022

The tipping time

Visit to Kerala always excites me. The walk through the backyard picking up, fallen mangoes, tamarind and guavas makes me feel blissful. I was a constant companion for the water channels in the backyard. It was fun to run and rush along with the gushing waters.My grandma's house will always be filled with laughter, chaos, humour, fights, reminisce during the vacation.

loosened ties . . .

again the broomsticks

falls apart

I do not know how long I stood in front of the house looking at the closed gate. I walked into the portico and the smell of jackfruit and mangoes made me uncomfortable.

sold out . . .

an empty trunk box

filled with memories


Kavitha Sreeraj
Kavitha Sreeraj
Apr 22, 2022
Replying to



Kala Ramesh
Kala Ramesh
Apr 15, 2022


Between here and the bank on the other side of the river, a catamaran bobs in the bright morning light. I can hear the water slapping its sides. We are on our summer vacation, on a road trip down South India. Our first halt is at Bhavani village, where my father has hired a small cottage. I’m sitting on the veranda facing a never-ending green rice field. A short distance away, the river meanders toward an ashram.

I’m twelve years old, just entering womanhood, sensing situations in a more intense way. My two elder sisters, always having done things together, have gone off, leaving me alone to my daydreams ... My younger brother is all curled up on the…

mona bedi
mona bedi
Apr 19, 2022
Replying to

This is really nice !


Tish Davis
Tish Davis
Apr 14, 2022

In a Glass Bowl

so many

so far from home

winter rain

I’m an American in China working to restart the supply chain disabled by the worst flooding in Thailand in half a century.

translating work instructions

the universal language

of the office clock

As I walk through the narrow aisle between the cubicles, a woman calls to me from one of the window lit offices reserved for visitors. It’s one of the Thai engineers. She’s extraordinarily petite and in her conservative blue dress, reminds me of Bemelmans’ Madeline. After rummaging through a paper bag, she presents me with a gift—a small package of white cookies shaped like miniature straws. I don't mention that I have allergies and cann…

Kavitha Sreeraj
Kavitha Sreeraj
Apr 18, 2022
Replying to

I love the way you have narrated the events in simple language and yet could keep us engaged with your narration. The way the person is still giving cookies when she's grieving over the news and you kindly accepting it even when you have allergies. The title is intriguing too.

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