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haikaiTALKS: a saturday gathering! death poems - JISEI

haikaiTALKS: death poems - JISEI

host: Kala Ramesh

12 August 2023

This week shall we try a death poem - called Jisei in the Japanese language? It can be a haiku or a tanka!

For your own poems: Only TWO ku per week, per prompt, per poet.

First post: You'll search and find one you like.

You'll give your reason/s why you like it. Sample poem: death, loss, farewell.

this world

is a dewdrop world

yes … but …


Tr. by David G. Lanoue

Second post: This will be your first ku.

Third post: This will be your second ku.

Please give your feedback on others' commentary and poems too. _()_

Keep writing and commenting!

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