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Haikai and Tanka Books from India in the Recent Past - Compiled by Pravat Kumar Padhy & Kala Ramesh

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

  1. Angelee Deodhar by her impressive personality gave the world a taste of India. One of the foremost practitioners of haikai literature in India, she was loved by the haiku community in our country. She had published many books, listed are some of her books, but sadly they aren't available now. If Someone Asks… Masaoka Shiki’s Life and Haiku, 2005 Classic Haiku: A Master’s Selection, edited by Miura Yuzuru, 2006 Ogura Hyakunin Isshu: 100 Poems by 100 Poets, 2007 Children’s Haiku from around the world - A Haiku Primer 2007 Indian Haiku, 2008 The Distant Mountain: The Life and Haiku of Kobayashi Issa, a bilingual edition by David G. Lanoue and Angelee Deodhar (Hindi translations) 2009. Journeys: An Anthology of International Haibun, by Angelee Deodhar (Editor), 2014 These two haibun anthologies are available through Journeys 2015: An Anthology of International Haibun, Angelee Deodhar (Editor), 2015 Journeys 2017: An Anthology of International Haibun, Angelee Deodhar (Editor), 2017

  2. Cafe Haiku: Have brought out several haikai anthologies. Our Pet Passion Once Again, 2019 A Taste of Sea Beeze Between Sips of Cutting Chai Pins on a Map

  3. KATHA Book of Haiku, Senryu, Tanka and Haibun, 2013 Edited by Kala Ramesh, Johannes Manjrekar and Vidur Jyoti. Katha Books brought out the first-ever anthology on haikai literature. This anthology was published in 2013 as an eBook, and later reprinted in 2019 as a print edition.

  4. Beyond the Fields, 2017 Edited by Sandip Chauhan Bilingual Haiku Anthology: English, Punjabi and Hindi Publisher: Aesthetic Publications, Ludhiana

  5. Atoms of Haiku: Vol I, 2015; Vol II, 2016 and Vol.III, 2018 Publisher: CreateSpace: Independent Publishing Platform.

  1. Catalogue of English-language Haiku, Tanka and Haibun Books. Individual Authors: A number of our poets have published haikai books. Here only the ELH books are covered, and a few which are translated into English too. To cover all the haiku books published in all the Indian regional languages would be a Himalayan task. Nor is it right to mention only a few regional authors we know. Aju Mukhopadhyay: Short Verse Vast Universe, 2005 Short Verse Delight, 2010 Ajaya Mahala: The Unmoving Moon, 2018 Odia & English Angelee Deodhar: Pail in Haiku, 2000 Arvinder Kaur: Dandelion Seeds, 2015 English & Punjabi

Anitha Verma

The Salt Of A Distant Sea,2021

D H Kabadi: Pyramid Poems, 2003 Tanka & Cinquin Geethanjali Rajan: The Fragrance of Haiku, 2016. Harleen Kaur: Reflections, 2015 Punjabi & English I H Rizvi: Haiku and Other Poems, 2005 Kaa. Na. Kalyanasundaram: The Smile of Humanity, 2011 Tamizh & English K Ramesh: A Small Tree of Tender Leaves, 2020 Rogha Haiku & Tanka, 2013 Soap Bubbles: Haiku, 2007 From Pebble to Pebble, 2013 Kala Ramesh: The Forest I Know A Gathering of Tanka Verses, 2021 Beyond the Horizon Beyond, Haiku & Haibun, 2017 Haiku and a Companion Activity Book, 2010 & Reprint, 2019 The Unseen Arc: tanka e-chapbook, 2012 One-line Twos Marlene Mountain & Kala Ramesh, 2015 A History of Indian Haiku, 2013 Kanchan Chatterjee: Scattered Leaves, 2020 Madhuri Maitra: Haiku and Other Micropoetry, 2014 Mohammed Fakhruddin Haiku Self-Exploration, 2004 Narayanan Raghunathan: Infinite Flame Silences and Apocalyptic Rapture Neena Singh:

One Breath Poetry: haiku, senryu & tanka, 2020

  1. O. V. Usha: Kaikkudannayile Kadal, 2012 Malayalam and English Haiku Cdr Paresh Tiwari: Raindrops Chasing Raindrops, 2017 An Inch of Sky, 2014 Praniti Gulyani: The Dust Still Holds a Fingerprint, 2020 Half a Memory, 2020 A Rainbow in a Train Window, 2020

The Fragrance of Fog (monoku) Ohio: Title IX Press, 2021, 24 pages, ebook,No ISBN, Price: free download:

  1. Pravat Kumar Padhy: Cosmic Symphony- Haiku Collection, 2019 The Rhyming Rainbow-Tanka Collection, 2019 Hainka: A Fusion of Haiku and Tanka, 2020

  2. Haiku: The Shortest Poetic Form and Its Development in India, 2021

Puja Malushte: Sakura, 2014 Marathi & English Ramesh Anand: Newborn Smiles, 2012 Prof Ram Krishna Singh: The River Returns, 2006 Sense and Silence: Collected Poems, 2010 New and Selected Poems Tanka and Haiku, 2012 I Am No Jesus and Other Selected Poems Tanka and Haiku, 2014 You Can’t Scent Me and Other Selected Poems, 2016 God too Awaits Light, Haiku & Tanka, 2017 There's No Paradise and Other Selected Poems Tanka & Haiku, 2019 Silencio:Blanca deconfianza Silence: White Distrust, 2021 Radhey Shiam: Song of Life The Book of Life Rohini Gupta: Whiskers and Purrs, 2016 Samar Ghose: Turn, Climb, Realign, 2019 Sandip Chauhan: Beyond the Fields, 1997 Shabbir Sheikh: Sprouted Spirit Shobhana Kumar: A Sky Full of Bucket Lists, 2021 Syed Liaqath Peeran: A Call from the Unknown, 2003

Tapan Mozumdar: at my doorstep ( e-chapbook of haibun), 2021

Teji Sethi: Moss Laden Walls, 2021 T Vasudeva Reddy: Thousand Haiku Pearls, 2016 Vandana Parashar: I Am, 2019 Vasudeva Reddy T: Thousand Haiku Pearls, 2016 Vidur Jyoti: Carvings on Dew: Haiku and Haibun, 2015


Haiku Books | Historical Notes

Rabindranath Tagore

Japan-Jatri, Kanika: published in 1899 Sphulinga: written between1912 and 1916

The Stray Birds, 1916: Haiku-like short one-line poems

Fireflies, 1962 Haiku-like short and epigrammatic poems from the Bengali version, ‘Lekhan’


Kavi Subramania Bharati

Article on: Japanea Kavidha (Japanese poetry) in Swadesamitran October 1916, influenced the Tamizh poets greatly and haiku began flourishing in Tamilnadu, since then!


Prof Satya Bhushan Verma

जापानी कविताएँ, 1977

जापानी हाइकु और आधुनिक हिन्दी कविता

Haiku in India, 1992

Publisher: Japan Review (No. 3, pp. 15-24)

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neena singh
neena singh
Sep 20, 2021

Thanks dear Kala & Pravat for this great list–honoured to be featured in it. 🙏


Kala Ramesh
Kala Ramesh
Aug 26, 2021

Has anyone seen this list? If your book is here, then please send Pravat ji a pdf copy of your book, for him to write a short review on it.

Won't you like that?


Kala Ramesh
Kala Ramesh
Aug 19, 2021

Please give details of your book/s and it will be added in our list.

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