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Surashree Joshi

Surashree Joshi

Born: Nagpur, India

Resides: Pune, India

Surashree Joshi has done Post Graduation (M.A.) in English from Fergusson College and works as an English trainer. Surashree is also a translator and content developer. Surashree was introduced to haiku in 2016 but she started her haiku writing journey in early 2020. She is an ardent reader and a trained Hindustani Classical vocalist.


seances …

even the spirits don’t

talk to me

autumn dusk …

I cling to the warmth

of your fingers

half moon …

my memories of you


autumn twilight

my father asks me

about my father

publication credits:

Seances: Prune Juice Issue 33; Autumn dusk: THF Haiku Dialogue; Half moon: Cold Moon Journal; August 13, 2021; Autumn twilight: Failed Haiku Volume 6 Issue 68

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