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Subir Ningthouja

Subir Ningthouja

Born : Imphal

Resides: Imphal

Subir Ningthouja is a middle aged physician. He lives in Manipur state of India, at the eastern foot ranges of the Himalayas. He was introduced to haiku through Triveni : World Haiku Utsav on 13th August, 2020 by his dear friend Milan. Since then, he has been swimming in the haiku pond as a novice, whenever he gets the time. He has completed Triveni's Gurkulam Programme conceived superbly by Kala Ramesh under the wonderful mentorship of Vandana Parashar. He is inspired and has got lots of help from Kalaji, Vandana, other Triveni seniors, his dear Gurukulam colleagues and Triveni members.
Some of his published works

haiku - tanka

a mountain sings
for the sea

dawn horizon
a flock of red geese

shows, vanishes
shows, vanishes again
between sky and water

fragrance tipsy
night breeze
shreds the petals

pandemic times

near the water lilies
i rush
to talk away my blues
as they slowly close

Publication Credits:

waterfall: The Heron's Nest, Volume XXIII, Number 2, June 2021; dawn horizon: Eucalypt 30, May 2021; fragrance tipsy: ESUJ-H : June 2021; pandemic times: Presence Issue 70, July 2021

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