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Shernaz Wadia

Shernaz Wadia

Born:   India

Resides: Pune, India

Years back, Shernaz Wadia chanced upon Tanka through an article in  Since then, she has been writing sporadically in the haikai genre and has had some tanka, haibun and tanka prose published now and then, as she doesn’t submit too often to journals. She is more into writing long form poems. She has participated in Triveni festivals conducted in Pune.


rain water

rushing down the hillside

you outrace it

in your slide

back to alcohol

hungry goats

on either side

the grassy

no-man’s land

out of bounds even to them

a rainstorm
pelts the roof and windows
through the din
this loudening song
of a whistling blue thrush

the answer

is not in the “yes”

but in the way

your eyes move away

when you say it

Publication credits: 

rain water: Ribbons Spring 09; hungry goats: Atlas Poetica #33; a rainstorm: Atlas Poetica September 2014; the answer: ATPO, Take Five - Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume 4 (2011).

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