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Shalini Pattabiraman

Shalini Pattabiraman

Born: India

Resides: Dundee, Scotland

Shalini has a background in facilitating learning through drama and literature. She has worked with different age groups and currently teaches English at a secondary school in Scotland. Her writing appears in a few journals and anthologies. You can find her work on her Instagram page and her blog. She mainly dabbles in poetry and is moved by the simplicity and beauty of haikai literature in English.

Awards and Honours:

Ken and Noragh Jones Award for Haibun 2020 (The British Haiku Society)


evening news

only the birds

arrive home

busy hands

a loom lulls

the baby to sleep

the turn of wheels

out of dense fog

a wolf's cry


inside a hollowed tree

a woodpecker's nest

Publication Credits:

evening news: Wales Haiku Journal, spring issue, 2020; busy hands: The Haiku Foundation-Haiku Dialogue ‘Connection through Art'; spring: World Haiku Series (2020) Akita Haiku

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