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Sanjukta A

Sanjukta A

Born: Kolkata
Resides: Karnataka

Sanjuktaa lives an extremely ordinary life in the small rainy city of Belgaum and has nothing exciting or interesting to tell about herself. She loves doing crazy things like writing haiku and sending them over to some journals sometimes and hates writing a bio.


shanty town —

the jagged edges

of moonlight

paper boat

big enough to hold

a dream or two

rocking chair

back and forth betwen

now and then

spring rain

the depth 

of a tulip

Publication credits: 

shanty town: The Heron's Nest, vol 13.3, 2011, Editor's choice winner; rocking chair: Frogpond 34.3, 2011; paper boat: The Heron's Nest, vol 15.4, Dec 2014; spring rain - DailyHaiku, cycle 16, Oct 2013

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